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Glass quality
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Minor faults are permitted in glass panes with reflective and selective surface treatment. Small holes with maximum diameter of 2.0 mm and minor scratches are permitted. Glass panes shall be inspected from the distance of 3 meters from the glass axes within the normal vision area in normal daylight conditions. Inspection should be performed from angles 45° and 90°. Some patches or stripes caused by finishing process and slight variations in colour reflection are permitted. Due to the directional nature of the manufacturing process some minor deformations may occur on the toughened glass. This is especially visible on reflective glass panes when viewing these from outside. The thicker is the glass pane, the less deformation it has.

The same requirements as for the glass panes described above are valid for laminated glass panes, but besides this there may be bubbles with the size of 2-3 mm per linear meter in the laminated glass pane. Viewing the glass pane from a certain angle minor optical defects may be noticed. Inspection is performed the same way as in case of the abovementioned glass panes.

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