PVC windows

PVC windows are manufactured from the high-quality, environmentally-friendly PVC profile. PVC is a neutral material suitable for use in living spaces. In the production of windows, we use the materials and accessories of big European manufacturers. Our product portfolio includes 70 mm profiles with increased thermal resistance and complying with requirements for static stability.

One reason behind the popularity of PVC windows is that this material allows high-quality realisation of very different construction solutions. Design options available with PVC windows are further enhanced by the diversity of different profile systems and materials, ornamental and glazing bars, accessory and coupling profiles.

Round, arched, triangle, trapezoid and angle windows are possible.

Windows may be ordered in different colours from classic white to wood imitation. All colours may be used both on the external and internal parts of a window.

Various ventilation and security equipment may be mounted on windows. We furnish a long warranty for our windows. If properly maintained, our windows will ensure that your home is warm and light for many years to come.

PVC windows are:
• weatherproof
• have good thermal resistance
• soundproof
• safe for the environment
• energy-saving
• easy to maintain
• easy to use

Windows may be mounted in apartment or terrace houses, production facilities and office blocks, public buildings such as schools, nursery schools, hospitals.

NB! Not for use in saunas!