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Materials used
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Wood is the most ornamental material used in window production. The use of wood is also the best choice from the environmental perspective – wood is a renewable natural resource. Different types of wood and finishing materials are available for wooden windows. Transparent stain accentuates the wooden texture with all its natural beauty whereas paints allow wooden windows to be finished with different colours. Wooden windows have good thermal insulation properties and the wooden sash is pleasant to touch even when it is cold outside. Being a natural material, wood helps to maintain the humidity balance of indoor air. Of all the materials used in window production, wood has the smallest longitudinal expansion coefficient under the impact of temperature. Wooden windows do not accumulate electrostatic charges or extra dirt, contrary to many artificial materials. Therefore, it is not necessary to wash the frames of wooden windows with antistatic cleaning agents.

Single-sash wooden windows are manufactured from pine, meranti or oak. Types of materials used:
• 3-layer finger-jointed laminated pine with eliminated resin-pockets, knots, cracks and other defects.
• Red meranti of South-East Asian origin. Compared to pine, meranti is denser, more elastic and capable of bearing greater loads. Meranti is used in the production of painted as well as stained windows. The colour of wood varies from lighter to reddish-brown shades.

• Wooden window frame thickness is 68 mm
• The bottom part of the frame and sash are protected from leachate by an aluminium sill shield.

Insulated glass unit
The standard insulated glass unit is double-pane, argon-filled, with spectrally selective (heat reflecting) glass panes, 18 mm spacer, with unit thickness of 26 mm and glass pane thickness of 4 mm. Special types of glass can be also used at the customer’s request: hardened, laminated, tinted glass, glass with various sun-protecting coatings, etc. Silicone is used for insulation of insulated glass units.

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Finishing is done in three stages: treatment, priming and applying top coating. Environmentally-friendly water-based surface coatings are used as finishing materials:
• non-transparent paints, colours are selected from RAL colour chart, base colour is white
• transparent stains, colours according to manufacturer’s colour charts

We use hardware that allows windows to be opened by tilting or turning. Windows are equipped with 2-point safety locking mechanism.

Screens may be also mounted on standard windows: white or brown profile with grey screen.

Quality and Maintenance
Material, design and quality ensure the long service life of windows. UV-resistant paints and stains preserve their colour and gloss for a long time. To prolong the life of wooden windows, it is recommended to renew surface finishing every 5-10 years.

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